Superb site about the Inshore Squadron

Thanks to Robert’s inquiry on the About page, I did a quick Google regarding the Royal Navy’s Inshore Squadron, which ran a variety of vessels for close-in work along the North African coast. Quite a few of these were provided by the Royal Australian Navy. The page below has a lot of information on them.

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “Superb site about the Inshore Squadron

  1. Certain b*******t is hard to read. “[Pola at Matapan] Quickly her guns were brought to bear on what appeared to be an undamaged 8-inch cruiser ready to open fire, Then Pola lurched slightly. The after turret doors swung open with a dull clang and struck hollowly against the side of the turret. The Italian’s gun crews had fled. There were a few men still aboard, some of them German control officers and layer ratings. They were at their posts, but there were no Italians to load the guns or to man them.” Really? Who the f**k wrote this?


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