Ian Gordon Templer – Last Swordfish Pilot, R.I.P

Mr. Templer is believed to be the last Fleet Air Arm pilot from WW2. He managed to celebrate his 100th birthday, but passed away on 19 October:


Mr. Templer’s memory recordings are at this link.

He served in Egypt and Malta in 1941/42.


Close-up of a Fairey Swordfish Mark II, HS 545 ‘B’, in flight as seen through the struts of another aircraft, probably while serving with No 824 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, 1943-1944.

2 thoughts on “Ian Gordon Templer – Last Swordfish Pilot, R.I.P

  1. I believe my father, who is still alive, may be one of the last surviving Fleet Air Arm pilots from WW2. His name is George Benjamin Blackhurst Gibb and he lives with his wife in Largs, Ayrshire. He talks often of his days in Egypt flying the Swordfish and appears to have a vivid memory of that time. I suspect he may be able to assist with your project.


    • Hi Gordon

      That would be lovely. You can reach me by mail on rommelsriposte AT gmail.com

      I will see if I can find your father in the records that I have.

      All the best



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