Happy 100th birthday to Staff Sergeant Staveley, R.T.R.

SSgt Francis Staveley who served in 6 and 5 RTRs in the Second World War. He saw action in North Africa, Palestine, Italy, and NW Europe. He turns 100 today, 26 September 2020.

Unfortunately I could not locate any information on his service in detail, but Gareth Davies was kind enough to note that he served in the following areas: El  Alamein (all 3), Mersa Matruh, Tobruk x2, El Adem, Sidi Barrani, Benghazi, Agheila.


Staff Sergeant Staveley and fellow soldier, unknown date and place. Via Gareth Davies @bermicourt on Twitter.

If anyone has more information on his service, please leave a comment.

One thought on “Happy 100th birthday to Staff Sergeant Staveley, R.T.R.

  1. This is my Father, S/get F.B. Staveley with his good friend Gordon Jones. It is a picture that they sent to my uncle, Trooper H.A.V. Dawson. My Dad was a fitter, Jones arrived and my Uncle abgunner. My Dad turns 101 this September, if you would like to get his stories on his time in the desert, feel free to contact me and we can set it up.


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