Panzerarmee Intel Assessment 22 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour 22 Jan 1942

Also on 22 Jan enemy did not stand and fight but retreated in flight in the general direction Msus – Solluch. According to radio intercepts 4 Indian Division will be pushed forward to the south to protect Benghazi. At evening 22 Guards Brigade area north-east Belaudah, in area northeast Giof el Matar 2 Armoured and 1 Rifle Brigades. 

2. Based on currently available reports the following were destroyed or captured on 21 January:

  • 26 tanks and armoured cars
  • 47 guns
  • More than 100 motor vehicles

3. Prisoners of the following units were made:

1 Rifle Brigade and 11 Royal Horse Artillery

According to prisoner interrogation German-Italian attack was a complete surprise.

Issued 12.45 hrs 23 January 1942

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