Challenging the Narrative Podcast

Macchi C.202, No.11 of 168a Squadriglia pre-armistice, location unknown. (Wikipedia)

On the off-chance that someone wants to listen to me talk about North Africa for an hour and a bit, here is a podcast that Ben Skipper produced interviewing me about the background to the Crusader Project and what I have learned about the Italian armed forces in North Africa.

This podcast is a part of a new direction the project is taking, after over a decade of research. It is time to publish, and share the findings of this work beyond this blog.

Already an article about the sinking of MS Sebastiano Venier has been published in the Naval Historical Review of Australia, and an academic article about the battle between 8 Kings Royal Irish Hussars and Panzerregiment 5 on 19 November is in the final stages of preparation, having received very favourable peer review. We are also moving more energetically on the first book, and hope to be able to reveal a publication date and more detail about it in a few months. Another new project is the republication in an expanded version of a book by one of our friends.

So, onwards, and we look forward to being able to share what we have learned further over the course of this year.

Many thanks to Ben for listening to me rambling for over an hour, and I hope you enjoy this.

All the best


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3 thoughts on “Challenging the Narrative Podcast

  1. Hi Andreas, just wanted to congratulate on what is such a labor of love. I have been following historical events in n.Africa myself for about the same time as you. What is interesting is more and more information is coming to light all the time as new pieces of the jigsaw appear and other more tatty faded pieces are replaced. I enjoyed the podcast a lot. The italian perspective is long overdue. Personally I would like to read more about the lesser known officers like Cruwell and smaller motorized units like AA. I thought it was interesting how you described overall mediterranean theatre commonwealth strategy as 4D chess even tho we all know and recognize the well written about combined arms tactics of DAK forces. I look forward to you puclishing something soon.


  2. Hello Andreas, just writing to say how much I enjoy the blog, and will continue to follow it here. I’ll miss you on Twitter, but completely understand , I’d quit myself if it wasn’t so important for work for me.


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