Ukraine-Russia Conflict 2022: Observations From The First Week

Some thoughts on the ongoing war in Ukraine from Mike.

Third World War 1987

I thought I’d kick things off with a handful of personal observations about the war in Ukraine. We’re at a point in the war where an accurate, in-depth analysis is just not possible. The media, along with the legions of self-described ‘experts’ on social media platforms are painting incomplete and inaccurate portraits of what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine. I expected as much from the media. They are usually at least a day behind events, as we are seeing once again. Meanwhile the ‘experts’ are either presenting bits and pieces of information without the proper context. Or in some cases, presenting conclusions that simply have no supporting data or verifiable reports.

Russian’s Woes-The Russian offensive continues on despite the myriad of issues that Russian forces are contending with. No matter how you want to look at it, the Russian Army performance so far in Ukraine has been lackluster…

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