Movie Monday: Italian Newsreels – 1941

Came across the first one of these on the Missing Lynx forums.

Italian column advancing towards Mechili – Trigger warning, includes dead bodies
July 1941 in Marmarica
Movie from the early stages of Operation CRUSADER, suspect we are seeing Ariete at Bir el Gobi, and then POW columns from 5 S.A. Brigade at Sidi Rezegh.

One thought on “Movie Monday: Italian Newsreels – 1941

  1. In the third video what we see is the RECAM (Raggruppamento Esplorante del Corpo d’Armata di Manovra. The Ba-41 are from the italian African Police “Romolo Guessi”, the M13-40’s from the uncomplete LII battalion and the portee 65’s and 105’s from the “Ragruppamento batterie volante”. Prisoners most probably form 5 SA infantry brigade.


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