Introduction — Hoping the wind is strong enough

Leonard Alfred Diamond was born in Wellington on 25 July 1911. Len was the youngest of four children, with all of his elder siblings being girls; He was named after his Father, also Leonard Alfred Diamond. Unfortunately Len Jnr’s Mother died in 1913 when he was only two years old. According to Len Snr’s WWI records […]

Introduction — Hoping the wind is strong enough

4 thoughts on “Introduction — Hoping the wind is strong enough

  1. Hi there,

    A superb blog you have built up.

    Is there any chance you will continue the wonderful DAK diary updates…particularly the May 1941 entries that will incorporate the big battle of the Salient?

    Thank you


    • Thank you for the compliments. The war diary translations are on the backburner for now, as I have obligations towards co-authors, and a half-finished journal article that I am already late on, I am afraid… It’s not dead, just resting.


      • Thanks for the follow up. I shall look forward to seeing the May reports as the Salient battle is one I am researching at present. Is there anywhere else that you know of that has the same information available or are you literally translating it from German to English?

        Thank you


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