22nd Armoured Brigade – Minitiatures, OOB & TO&E

22nd Armoured Brigade – Minitiatures, OOB & TO&E

Nice work done here:

http://olicanalad.blogspot.com/2010/09/first-wwii-units.html http://olicanalad.blogspot.com/2010/09/22nd-armoured-brigade-group.html http://olicanalad.blogspot.com/2010/09/my-first-tank-in-20-years.html

22nd Armoured Brigade is theoretically a good choice to model amongst the armoured brigades which participated in Operation CRUSADER, since they were present at the start of the operation in the (in)famous first battle of Bir el Gobi, at Sidi Rezegh, with the remainder of the brigade part of a composite regiment under 4th Armoured Brigade around Tobruk (see this link), and then in the pursuit, and the final tank battle of the operation in the Uadi al Faregh near el Agheila, on 27/28 December 1941 (see this older entry with a German report about that battle).


Crusader tanks moving to forward positions in the Western Desert, 26 November 1941. (IWM E6724)



They did switch tanks in one of the regiments, from Crusaders to M3 ‘Honey’ light cruisers, so the modeller has that much more to paint.

Some Interesting Forum Discussions of Old

I used to get a lot of information from the AHF forum discussions (if you are not already a member there, but are interested in WW2 discussions, you should really sign up), until I left the forum.

Some of the old discussions are very good in terms of information they make available:

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Convoy M.42

Bombardment of Tripoli by the RN

Air supply to North Africa from Greece

Bombing attack on Castelveltrano Dec. 41

Worcesters at Tobruk 42 – now if anyone has the info on their role in Brigadier Reid’s Oasis Force, please leave a comment or drop me a line… (edit: just checked the link in the forum post, and it is broken – check here: http://www.worcestershireregiment.com/wr.php?main=inc/h_1942tob )

5th Indian Brigade and the Valarini Detachment Dec. 41

Comando Supremo also has some very interesting and insightful discussions.

55th Infantry Division Savona – this was the Italian formation providing the bulk of the forces for the Bardia/Halfaya position, and it is much overlooked in English/German histories, which tend to focus on a battalion of Germans under Major Bach.

Loss of tankers Maritza and Procida – with some very interesting information on Captain Mimbelli, who was in charge of the escort.

S.M.79’s at Tobruk December 41 – some very good info on the effort of Italian aerial torpedo bombers in this one

Fuel load on Iridio Mantovani – a discussion on the very large tanker sunk by bombers and Force K on 1 December 41

Was there a plan for an amphibious assault on Tobruk in 1941? – Answer: no – but still interesting reading.

Happy reading!

Interesting discussion on the AHF

There is a lot of very good information in this discussion on the Axis History Forum, started by Cédric.


Since I have now left that forum, a quick response to the point raised on page 3 by Oasis on what KG Burckhardt was ordered to do – I don’t think he is right, but I’ll check. 🙂

Edit months later:

Turns out that while Burkhardt was ordered to take over the position at Marada, his battle group never seems to have made it there.  Instead it was used to plug the whole between the Italian Xth and XXIst Corps, between the divisions Brescia and Pavia. This covered part of a line running along a Uadi, roughly from Maaten Giofer to Maaten Belcleibar.