Panzerguppe Intelligence Assessment 7 January 1942

1. Enemy Behaviour on 7 January 1942

It was only during the morning hours of today that the enemy commenced its advance in the direction of the evacuated Agedabia position. This consisted of 22 Guards Brigade advancing on Agedabia, 7 Support Group advancing in southwesterly direction on both sides of Belaudah. During the afternoon reconnaissance battalion C.I.H. coming from the north occupies Agedabia as first unit and from there commences to combat German rear guard positions to the southwest with artillery.  Further enemy batteries in combat against this rearguard from positions southeast of Agedabia. Enemy reconnaissance patrols in the area northeast el Gtafia. The enemy reconnaissance battalion standing at Giof el Matar until now is no longer traced, its advance south on B. es Sahabi is probable, since the area of El Haselat has been reported clear of the enemy by aerial reconnaissance.

2. According to Radio Reconaissance

a) 3 South African Field Artillery Regiment until now on Bardia front reports from Bir Hacheim. Accordingly already elements of the enemy forces tasked on the Bardia front have been moved west.

b) Newly traced in Tobruk: 38 and 77 Indian Brigades, unclear whether they are labour battalions or occupation troops, in the latter case relief of 70 Division possible, which maybe made available for further offensive tasks.

3. Overall Impression

Enemy forces used at Agedabia are too weak for larger offensive, their advance in consequence only hesitant. It has to be expected however that the enemy is already starting to bring up further forces now for the continuation of the offensive, although its execution is only likely when the enemy forces tied down at the Sollum front and in rebuilding are becoming available.