Some Interesting Forum Discussions of Old

I used to get a lot of information from the AHF forum discussions (if you are not already a member there, but are interested in WW2 discussions, you should really sign up), until I left the forum.

Some of the old discussions are very good in terms of information they make available:

Axis OOB 17 November 41

Convoy M.42

Bombardment of Tripoli by the RN

Air supply to North Africa from Greece

Bombing attack on Castelveltrano Dec. 41

Worcesters at Tobruk 42 – now if anyone has the info on their role in Brigadier Reid’s Oasis Force, please leave a comment or drop me a line… (edit: just checked the link in the forum post, and it is broken – check here: )

5th Indian Brigade and the Valarini Detachment Dec. 41

Comando Supremo also has some very interesting and insightful discussions.

55th Infantry Division Savona – this was the Italian formation providing the bulk of the forces for the Bardia/Halfaya position, and it is much overlooked in English/German histories, which tend to focus on a battalion of Germans under Major Bach.

Loss of tankers Maritza and Procida – with some very interesting information on Captain Mimbelli, who was in charge of the escort.

S.M.79’s at Tobruk December 41 – some very good info on the effort of Italian aerial torpedo bombers in this one

Fuel load on Iridio Mantovani – a discussion on the very large tanker sunk by bombers and Force K on 1 December 41

Was there a plan for an amphibious assault on Tobruk in 1941? – Answer: no – but still interesting reading.

Happy reading!