Panzergruppe Intel Assessment 29 December 1941

1. Enemy Behaviour on 29 December 1941

a) The number of enemy tanks destroyed on 28 December increased to 65. In addition 23 armoured cars. The heavily knocked 22nd Armoured Brigade retreated today from the area El Haselat to Giof el Matar and the area southwest of it. Elements of 22nd Guards Brigade advanced on both sides of the track Antelat – Agedabia, closing up to the German-Italian positions. Radio reconnaissance ascertained the Polish Brigade in Beda Fomm, vehicle concentrations there confirmed by aerial reconnaissance. 7th Support Group continues in the area Solluch and west of it. Command Staff 4th Indian Barce, 7th Indian reached Benghazi.

b) Bardia and Sollum front: on 28 December according to radio reconnaissance 120 Blenheims sortied against Bardia. 5th New Zealand Brigade has 42 RTR subordinated to it. Further strong enemy attacks have to be expected, since the opponent is deeply affected in terms of supply by this fortress position.

2. Current Order of Battle

8th Army with 13 Corps (combat corps), 30 Corps (occupation corps), 13 Corps with 22nd Armoured Brigade, 22nd Guards Brigade, Polish Brigade, 7th Support Group, 4th Indian Division. Pulled out for refreshing 7th Armoured Division with 4th and 7th Armoured Brigades, 30 Corps with 1st South African Brigade area Derna, 70th Division (Tobruk), 2nd South African Division (Bardia – Sollum front) with 5th New Zealand Brigade and 1st Army Tank Regiment [Brigade], Command Staff 1st Armoured Division, Command Staff 1st South African Division, both without troops.

Immediately subordinated to 8th Army: Gialo and Oasis Groups. According to radio reconnaissance for both moving out has been ordered.


D.A.K. Situation Map (section) 29 December 1941. Collection

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