D.A.K. War Diary Entries 1941

Update 25 April 2020:

For the last few years there has been a project on the blog to translate the war diary for the Afrikakorps. I got from the start to 28 April 1941, inclusive. I would like to see this finished, but do not have the time.

I am looking for volunteer(s) who would be interested in taking this forward. I can make the files available, and would deal with formatting and some annotation.

Please comment here if interested to take this on, or email me on rommelsriposte@gmail.com

Update 3 May 2016: As of today I have to put this project on ice, to enable me to put time against more urgent, book-related tasks. I will continue to add pages but on a less punishing schedule, as and when I have time and free space.

The table below gives easy access to the daily entries of the D.A.K. war diary No.1. This is a new project that I will pursue over the course of the next few months for the 75th anniversary of the events. Entries will be annotated with explanatory remarks and where easily possible provide additional information.

This is similar to the prior projects translating the Panzergruppe Intelligence Assessments, which can be found at this link.


Front cover of the war diary No. 1.

The smaller handwriting at the bottom states that appendices to this war diary had to be destroyed in November 1941 because they were threatened by the enemy. The staff of the D.A.K. was overrun by Allied troops shortly after the start of Operation CRUSADER.

The table below is a work in progress, and new translations will be added day by day as I publish them. At present I plan to go through all of the war diary No. 1, which ends in the middle of August 1941, but I can’t promise that I will be able to keep this up, and/or close to the actual days.

In case you are looking for places mentioned in the war diary, here’s a handy link.

February 41 February 41 March 41 March 41
6 February 19 February 1 March 16 March  (no entry)
7 February 20 February 2 March 17 March
8 February 21 February 3 March 18 March
9 February 22 February 4 March 19 March
10 February 23 February 5 March 20 March
11 February 24 February 6 March 21 March
12 February 25 February 7 March 22 March
13 February (no entry) 26 February 8 March 23 March
14 February 27 February 9 March 24 March
15 February 28 February 10 March 25 March
16 February   11 March 26 March
17 February   12 March 27 March
18 February   13 March 28 March
    14 March (no entry) 29 March
    15 March (no entry) 30 March
      31 March


April 41 April 41 May 41 May 41
1 April 16 April    
2 April  17 April    
3 April  18 April    
4 April 19 April    
5 April 20 April    
6 April 21 April    
7 April 22 April    
8 April 23 April    
9 April 24 April    
10 April 25 April    
11 April 26 April    
12 April 27 April    
13 April 28 April    
14 April      
15 April