D.A.K. War Diary Entry for 22 March 1941

22 March 1941

Arrival and Departure of Subordinated Troops:

One battalion of 10.5cm guns of 16th Artillery Regiment is subordinated to Div.Brescia.

Aerial reconnaissance reported in the area Sollum[1] – Ghemines – Magrum and 20km south of it groups of 20 motor vehicles each, with tents, some dug in, including single tanks and armoured cars. 70 motor vehicles, including single armoured cars, driving north from Agedabia were successfully attacked by the Luftwaffe.

Panzer III tanks of 5. Leichte Division at Arce dei Fileni, March 1941. Bundesarchiv Bildarchiv.

Radio London reported the fall of Giarabub.

Lt. Col. Count Schwerin reported regimental staff z.b.V.200 in Murzuch since 14.00 hours. Italian Detachment Matioli has been subordinated to it since early 22 March. Further intent is defensive disposition by Detachment on 23 March around Niel Araneb for further advance on el Gatrun.

During the night 21/22 March the last elements of Div. Brescia arrived at 5.lei.Div. for its relief.

Most pressing tasks for the Luftwaffe were listed in a request to Fliegerführer Afrika.

At 14.00 hours Marada was attacked by three Hurricanes in a low-level attack. On flying off one aircraft showed strong smoke trail.


[1]Should be Solluch.

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